Monday, July 16, 2012

3 Invitations from B2B Brands

"Do you think if we cut back a little on the dancing, we 
might finish unpacking sooner ... ?"    "Naaaahh!"
Welcome to B2B Brands website and blog.

We're new in town -- still moving in, unpacking, setting up, and building out, but we're glad you stopped by and are pleased to have you.

And we hope that every time you visit, you come away with some data point you can use, something to talk about -- or at least a little food for thought.

As part of our welcome, we would like to extend 3 Invitations to you:

1.  You are cordially invited to visit and return to this site as often as you can/want to/need a diversion.
2.  We invite you to comment or respond to our posts with your own insights and perspective any time.
3.  You have an open invitation to share any of our posts with the rest of the world.  Please Re-Tweet us; post us to Facebook; share us on Google+, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Pinterest, Digg, Delicious -- even Blurpalicious, if you feel so moved.  (And, yup, Blurpalicious is for real).

And there will be more Invitations as we gear up and continue to evolve:
  • Free Subscriptions,
  • Webinars, 
  • Videos, 
  • Events, 
  • LinkedIn Groups, 
  • and even Meetups.
Don't miss a thing.  Come back often and stay as long as you like.  You're welcome here anytime.

See you soon!

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